Valentine's Day

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 13.02.2020r.

Attention attention!
On the Valentine's Day slogan on February 14. 2020 - normal ticket at a reduced price, i.e. PLN 35 *
Isn't that a perfect date idea?
* The password must be entered before purchasing the ticket :)


First birthday at the Oceanarium

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 03.02.2020r.

Do you know that in our Oceanarium you can organize BIRTHDAYS 🥳, CONFERENCE 👩‍🏫 or any other PARTY 🤹‍?
And this was yesterday's first birthday 👶 organized in Nasz Oceanarium.
Once again, we wish you all the most beautiful and joyful moments!


Media patronage

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 18.01.2020r.

We are very pleased because Magazyn Akwarium has assumed our patronage over the Oceanarium 🐠

Akwarium Magazine (mA) is the only nationwide bimonthly aquarium magazine, designed for both beginners and experienced hobbyists. In addition to articles on fish farming or invertebrates, as well as aquatic plant cultivation and new trends in aquarium hobby, readers will find in it interviews with personalities of Polish and world aquarium hobby, useful encyclopedic news, information about equipment and technical news, news, reviews, tests and reports from around the globe. Since 2018, new departments have been established in the extended mA: "Terraristics" and "Garden pond". Akwarium magazine is published at a high technical and technical level, and its editor-in-chief is dr Paweł Czapczyk.


Underwater world in Międzyzdroje!

Underwater world in Międzyzdroje!


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