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We invite you for Halloween pumpkin beer!

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 28.10.2021r.

We invite you for Halloween pumpkin beer!
Only here !



Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 20.05.2021r.

⭐ We are starting a SHRIMP WEEKEND in the Restaurant ⭐ Discover the secret of our dishes with us 🥰
You can find the entire movie on YouTube 🙂 ALL VIDEO


Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 03.05.2021r.

TOMORROW, from May 4, 2021. The aquarium will be OPEN 🎉
We invite you and the little ones 🥰
We are glad to host you 😍 image

Reconstruction of the cafe in the Międzyzdroje Oceanarium! We are changing for you!

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 02.05.2021r.

We present our cafe in a new version 🥰
Do you like it?
Pssst .... The day after tomorrow on May 4! The aquarium will be open 🎉
You can find the entire movie on YouTube 🙂 ALL MOVIE


Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 18.03.2021r.

Due to the announced restrictions, we have to close the Oceanarium 🙁 We will open as soon as possible.
Of course, according to the sanitary regime - to take away. ☕


BIRTH OF COATS - as many as 39 young!

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 19.02.2021r.

In the night we were born COATS
It is a world record. Our ward gave birth to 39 young! Usually 2-5 pcs. ✨ are small
Mum Manta Ray lives in the Half-Tunnel 🌊 on a daily basis
We invite you to watch the movie 🤩
You can find the entire movie on YouTube 🙂 MOVIE

We are OPEN!

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 02.02.2021r.

🐠 from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00 🐠
We invite you to visit 🤩


We have to close again :(

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 07.11.2020r.

Our Oceanarium must be closed due to the restrictions announced by the Prime Minister.
We are so sorry for this, but we have no other choice 🙁 We will stay in constant contact with you.
We hope they will "open" us as soon as possible 🤞


Thank You!

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 15.09.2020r.

Thank you very much ❤️ We are very pleased 💐
The photo shows a statuette and a diploma for the 1st place in the Personality of the Year 2019 poll in the Business category in the Kamień district.


Another Birth of Rays

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 15.07.2020r.

The manta Ray Potamotrygon Motoro gave birth to 13 babies ❤️
We have not heard that one stingray gave birth to such number of young 🙂 We are very happy to expand the Mantle family 🥰



Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 15.07.2020r.

Dear guests!
We remind you to wear protective masks in public spaces, which include our Oceanarium. By asking you to cover your mouth and nose with a mask, we do it for the safety of each guest and the entire Oceanarium Team. We also urge you not to take off your protective masks right after entering the facility's halls. Let us all adjust to the restrictions in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

Best regards and good health.
The team of the Międzyzdroje Oceanarium!


Advertising Spot in Międzyzdroje!

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 04.06.2020r.

An advertising spot in Międzyzdroje - they also recorded in our Oceanarium 🤩🤩🤩
We are looking forward to the effects ❤️



Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 30.04.2020r.

From 05/04/2020 Our Oceanarium WILL BE OPEN! 🦈
The opening hours do not change. We are waiting for you from 10:00 🙂
For the health of our guests and staff, all safety rules will be implemented.



Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 10.04.2020r.

Our Mantle family is growing!
19 of March future POTAMOTRYGON MOTORO MARBLED Mantle :)
10 of April POTAMOTRYGON BLACK DIAMOND were born :)
We are just waiting for them to eat their own food so that they can live in an aquarium for "kids"!


Valentine's Day

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 30.04.2020r.

Attention attention!
For the password VALENTINES on February 14, 2020 - normal ticket at a reduced price, i.e. PLN 35 *
Isn't that a perfect date idea?
* The password must be provided before purchasing the ticket :)


First Birthday at the Oceanarium

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 03.02.2020r.

Do you know that in our Oceanarium you can organize BIRTHDAYS 🥳, CONFERENCE 👩‍🏫, or any other PARTY 🤹‍ ?
And this is what yesterday's year looked like 👶 organized in our Oceanarium
Once again, we wish you the most beautiful and only happy moments!


Media patronage

Oceanarium Międzyzdroje | 18.01.2020r.

We are very pleased because Magazyn Akwarium has assumed our patronage over the Oceanarium 🐠

Akwarium Magazine (mA) is the only nationwide bimonthly aquarium magazine, designed for both beginners and experienced hobbyists. In addition to articles on fish farming or invertebrates, as well as aquatic plant cultivation and new trends in aquarium hobby, readers will find in it interviews with personalities of Polish and world aquarium hobby, useful encyclopedic news, information about equipment and technical news, news, reviews, tests and reports from around the globe. Since 2018, new departments have been established in the extended mA: "Terraristics" and "Garden pond". Akwarium magazine is published at a high technical and technical level, and its editor-in-chief is dr Paweł Czapczyk.


Photos from the Opening of the Oceanarium

Underwater world in Międzyzdroje!

Underwater world in Międzyzdroje!


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