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We cordially invite you to the newly- created Oceanarium in Międzyzdroje. In our 3000m2 facility you have the opportunity to see fish from the farthest parts of the world- predatory sharks and moray eels, beautifully- coloured fish of coral reefs- clownfish, triggerfish, angelfish and freshwater beauties- sturgeons, peacock cichlids, arapaima gigas and many more. Undoubtedly, one of the attractions is a 16- metre half- tunnel filled with amazing fish. Let's not forget about the touch pool in which we can touch live fish or paludarium with Japanese Koi carp. Tanks filled with 220 tons of water will interest many peolpe.
We have not forgotten about the youngest visitors and we have prepared some attractions for them:

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Oceanarium Cafe
Oceanarium Cafe



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